Jan 042012
"Virginity Map Around the World"

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    • People worldwide are having sex for the first time at an average age of 17.3


    • Just over a third (35%) say they were 16 or under when they lost their virginity


    • Young people continue to have sex at an earlier age than previous generations: while the 25-34s lost their virginity at 17.9, the 21-24 year olds were 17.5 and 16-20 year olds were just 16.3


    • Women are sexually active earlier than men – at 17.2 compared with 17.5


    • People from Iceland are having sex younger than any other country (15.6) followed by the Germans (15.9), Swedes (16.1) and the Danes (16.1)


  • People in India are the oldest to lose their virginity (19.8) followed by the Vietnamese (19.6), Indonesians (19.1).
"Virginity Data of the World"

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