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Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena’s President ‘Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga’ came into limelight after hitting famous Supreme Court Advocate and Team Anna crucial member ‘Prashant Bhushan’ in the Court’s chamber. He is right now protesting various people and policies by the government.

So, I decided to ask some questions from the young man.

Q. When and Why was Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena formed ?

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga during one of his protests

A. We formed this organization 1 year ago to teach people like Geelani, Prashant Bhushan and Arundhati Roy a lesson. These types of people are trying to divide India and also instigating innocent Indians on the name of Kashmir, Khalistan, Manipur and others. More importantly, no one in India was protesting strongly against these people, so we had to take initiative because we can’t afford more parts of India.

Q. But, is it legitimate to adopt violent ways in the democratic country like India ? You could’ve opposed them peacefully….

Tajinder Bagga Attacked Prashant Bhushan

A. On 2nd April, Prashant Bhushan claimed during his speech in Kashmir that Army is responsible for the 118 deaths happened in the state. People like him make Army responsible for every death but say nothing against the terrorists organizations.

And during Anna ji’s campaign we have tried to ask many times via hoardings about Prashant Bhushan’s bizarre stands, but no one answered. Then Prashant Bhushan protested against Kasab’s hanging. He also demanded Kashmir to be freed from India.

Moreover, we also tried to convey our message to Anna ji via Mrs. Kiran Bedi through Twitter and demanded that IAC should condemn Mr. Bhushan’s ways. Because we believe that if members of civil society have such anti-India demands, it will definitely send wrong message in the society.

We really tried many times peacefully to make Mr.Prashant Bhushan understand. But, he was adamant so we had to be violent. Moreover, media people only highlighted us when we became violent earlier they people weren’t bothered. Watch the video interview here……..

Q. So, are you supporting team Anna now ?

A. We respect Anna ji a lot and we are definitely with his fight against corruption. We have always attended Team Anna’s protests against corruption.

On the other hand, we also opposed their wrong steps. Like; when Bharat Mata’s photo was removed, we opposed it. When Prashant Bhushan tried to divide India, we opposed it.

Q. According to you, what is the solution of Kashmir problem ?

A. The main problem of Kashmir is section 370 and it should be removed first. Even many Kashmiri Muslims like Gujjars, Bakharwal etc. want to be with India and media just doesn’t raise their voice. Indian government should also seriously try to develop Kashmir so that the unemployed youths can’t be compelled to pelt stones for just few bucks. Give them job and they won’t demand for the separate country. Kashmiri Pandits should be sent back. protected as well.

Q. Why have you always protested against Syed Ali Shah Gilani very strongly ?

Tajinder Bagga Protesting Geelani

A. Syed Ali Shah Gilani must be condemned always. The people like Gilani and Yaseen Malik are also the main cause of Kashmir problem. Why Gilani’s son never participate in the violent protests ? Only innocent Kashmiris die in the protest due to the provocation of the people like Gilani. Why Gilani never tells his own son to pelt stones ?

Moreover, he has sent his son to UK for studies and provoking local Kashmiris for anti-India work. How can Gilani be called their leader ? He is only acting on the instructions of Pakistan. Watch the video interview here……..

Q. So, how many cases are against you right now ?

A. There are many cases against me like; Prashant Bhushan’s, for protesting against Arundhati Roy, for presenting flower to Kapil Sibal etc.

Q. What is your connection with Rahul Easwar ?

A. Rahul Easwar is a very good man and true patriot. This is very strange that the way media is presenting our relationships. Neither Rahul Easwar nor Tajinder Bagga is terrorist. If Rahul Easwar attended our meeting so what’s the big deal in this ? Are we any terror outfit ? The same media never did scrutiny about Gilani’s meetings although he always does anti-India work. Watch the video interview here……..

Q. Why are you after Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh these days ?

A. After the freedom, Batla House Encoutner was the best thing happened to Delhiites. Late Mr. Mohan Chand Sharma did great job by killing terrorists there. Before Batla House, there were serial bomb blasts through out the India. And, Mohan Chand Sharma put a brake on these attacks by sacrificing his own life for the country. When Mohan Chand went for encounter, his own son was suffering from Dengue but he gave priority to his country first.

Still, leaders like Digvijay Singh has defamed the martyrdom of Great Mohan Chand for the vote banks. Mr. Digvijay even went to home of the relatives of terrorists killed in Batla House and had food with them. We’ll try all possible means to protest leaders like him. Watch the video interview here……..

Q. Are you doing all this for gaining popularity and will form political party further ?

A. Earlier, I was in the National team of BJP but later I left. Once, Arundhati Roy was launching her book ‘Broken Republic’ in which she was also talking about dividing India into many parts. And being in any political party, you can’t do anything without the permission of senior leaders.

Bagga Against Arundhati Roy on Stage

For protesting people like Arundhati Roy, we formed ‘Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena’. Some people also believed that I’m with Congress after my pic. with P. Chidambaram was leaked but it is not true as well. Actually, I with Late Shehla Masood (Civil Activist from IAC), Tarun Vijay, Baal Apte and other Kashmiri Pandits, Muslims went to meet Home Minister about Kashmir’s problems. Watch the video interview here……..

Q. Why did you throw ink on Sonia Gandhi’s hoarding at AICC headquarters ?

Ink Thrown on Sonia Gandhi Poster

A. Paint on Sonia Gandhi Poster was just a small reaction of Baba Ramdev insult by Congress. As, Dr Subramanian Swamy exposed the whole Drama was sponsored by Congress. Delhi CM Shiela Dixit donates 25 lakh rupess to BABA RAMDEV attacker’s NGO. When he threw ink on Baba Ramdev, instead of condemning again many Congress leaders insulted Baba Ramdev. I am not talking about Diggi because he always speaks sh**.  I’m talking about other leaders, one Congress leader said,” Baba Ramdev is killing Democracy.

If you can give reaction and insult our Heroes, dont think we will be silent.

Q. You even awarded Harvinder Singh, who attacked Sharad Pawar ?

A. Harvinder Singh is a brave Sikh. We even awarded him Rs.11,000/- for his brave work. If governments don’t listen, people will have to be violent.

Q. What are Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena’s further plans ?

A. We’ll keep raising our voice for Kashmir. We recently wrote letter to Indian PM, Home Minister and demanded the removal of Kashmir’s own flag, constitution and section 370. Kashmir’s CM uses one more flag rather than ‘Tiranga’ on his car, they also unfurl their own flag on important dates.

If our demands are not met, we’ll burn Kashmir’s flag and constitution through out the India from 21st to 26th January.

Q. What is your personal career ?

A. I’ve garments retailing and manufacturing business. Watch the video interview here……..

So, that was the little interaction with Tajinder Bagga. I’ll soon publish some more interviews of more famous personalities. Stay Tuned !

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