Dec 102011

Till yesterday it was a blog, which helped thousands to clear their doubts on legal issues. It was a concept founded by Sumit Nagpal, who is a law graduate cum a journalist. Many people are now eager to know about law and court judgements, thanks to Anna and Swamy.

Today Mr Nagpal started a site named , he says ” Spread Law is a group of independent professionals who have come together for the cause of spreading legal awareness in India. The idea behind this website is to make it easier for a common man to understand his legal rights and basics of law. All members of the group are contributing to the website by whatever means they can, be it writing articles on law, providing necessary legal guidance to the masses or providing technical support to the site.”

He says “When I thought about the idea seriously, I realized that there is not a single website in India which bridges the gap between law and a layman. Most of the websites promised legal aid but not a single one has tried to put an effort to make people understand about legal issues.”

Today there is a post on Kapil Sibal and why he considers censoring social media ?


We wish Sumit Nagpal all the best for his initiative and as he says “Let there be awareness about Law”.

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  1. good initiative.

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