Jun 182011

How many total websites? There are millions of websites on the internet world in 2011. Read this full story.


According to the recent survey, till December 2011 around 366,848,493 websites are available on world wide web. There has been an increase of 47 million hostnames and 7 million active websites over the last few months. In the month of December 2011 netcraft has received responses from 466,848,493 sites, which is an increase of 21,2000. Netcraft, which has done survey, is an Internet services company based in Bath, England. It provides web server and web hosting market-share analysis. The company is famous for its free anti-phishing toolbar for the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

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  93 Responses to “How many websites are there ?”

  1. Get ping from around 267 millinos web sites, that it’s really make a big ping, hehe.

  2. Really awesome, web hostnames increasing day by day. Peoples are using Internet connection regulary with shopping in same place. In future, internet is one of the best marketing place for each and every company too.

  3. Its a shame but most of these sites will not see the lightof day .
    unfortunately most people have not got the first idea of what it takes and
    how much work is involved in having a successful site. which as you can see
    from the completion is becoming harder and harder. most people think that just having
    a site on the web will solve there business problems and they will automatically get free traffic .

  4. Wow that’s a lot of websites

  5. @keriosp Yes! And also I think a website is doing if its in the top 20 million isn’t? According to Alexa, most websites start at 20million or so!


  6. A lot of sites but just as interesting how many pages do those sites have together? Like 20 billions?

  7. Wow.. that’s very vast number your very lucky enough if your site rank 999,999 in ranking considering the huge amount of sites being created every year…

  8. @keriosp that is a Very BIG Ping…lmfao

  9. Been watching a site about doors and how ithas grown over time in ranking position.

  10. @Jackie Frandsen – lol, they were 1 trillion in 2008 🙂

  11. still we are looking for such a website which provides complete information on all technologies used for web development in a simple and quick way,

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  12. There are 7 Billion people on the earth now. 7 Billion is 1000 times 7 Million. 1 million is 10 Lakhs. Anyway, 7 Billion is 700 Crores. Let’s just assume that there is 1 website for every 100 people on earth (intelligent guess?). Therefore, there should be 7 Crore websites in the world. How’s that analysis?

  13. RETARDS ur wrong

  14. ITS LIKE 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 duhhhhhh

  15. Number of websites on the internet: 550,000,000,000

  16. what is the current number now?

  17. what is the source of this websites data?

  18. This includes all corporate sites, and sites that haven’t had any traffic in 10 years. So, it’s a much smaller number if the word “active” were used.

  19. […] are more than 267 billion Web sites today (Netcraft – December 2010) and more than 294 billion e-mails sent each day (Radicati Group – April 2010). The problem, of […]

  20. hello friends,
    i think in the world lotssssss of websites are present so that why this not countable.

  21. The actual number is inceasing rapidly and will continue to grow with how easy it is to create a new website now a days. The unfortunate thing is that domain names are be purchased but are not being used which because an issue for anyone who really needs the name.

  22. 6,464,097 current stat of http://www.made-downloads.com as of now 1 month old and increasing rapidly

  23. daily there are more than 500 domain names registered !

  24. thats my site…www.bonbontraveltips.com

  25. […] If you want be in the winner’s circle, you are going to have to use every tool and trick in the book to stay competitive. This includes every type of website analytical strategy you can get your hands on. It’s not enough these days to throw a website up and hope for the best. As of December 2010 there were 266,848,493 websites online according to news of dehli. […]

  26. google traffic (poster from above) was right about “active” traffic. braynzarsoft gets less than 500 visitors a day, and is ranked 7 million on alexa. 7 million out of 366 million for 200 visitors a day

  27. Awesome amount of sites, but how many of them are any good.

  28. http://www.made-downloads.com(Made Downloads) is now at alexa rank of 2,823,933 now, and is still increasing rapidly. A rough guess would be to say that it will breach 2 million top websites world wide by the end of this month. After it breaches 2 million, I think perhaps We will need to work harder to climb the ranks. I will update you all at the end of the month.

  29. there are over 50 milion websites which are active…

  30. these are pretty interesting numbers, but the fact that most of those domains are bought in bulk and listed in the net, waiting for a desperate buyer to come in and buy one of them, doesn’t make those numbers of any value.

  31. […] global rank of 19,490 (meaning it’s the 19490th most visited website in the world out of an estimated 366848492 websites as of December […]

  32. my site is 538000 in the world. that means its in the 0.1% of most visited sites in the world! 😀 yay! 😀

  33. Now that is a huge number of websites. My freelance website ranks 2,562,000

  34. My 2months old blog as of feb 12 2012 is ranked 8million by alexa. you can imagine in less than two months i’m 8mil out of 366mil and google pagerank 1.

  35. This is pretty interesting. I’m not sure how possible it is to determine an exact figure, though I’d imagine this is near accurate.

    Someone commented that according to Alexa, most websites start at 20m or something. But just how accurate is Alexa?

    When I made my first website, I had no idea about SEO and marketing. I just thought I’d automatically get loads of traffic! Oh how wrong I was!

    Anyway, Now I’ve learned about all that stuff and now I have 2 websites in the top 500,000 sites. To some that’s not that great but for me, who only 4 years ago had no clue whatsoever, it’s a pretty big deal!

  36. Great post and very informative. I was looking at my Alexa ranking and didn’t know that there were so many sites. -Matt

  37. […] technology blog popular today, there are currently more than 350,000,000 Internet domains – News of Delhi places it more precisely at more than 366,848,493 (as of December 2011). How many of those are your […]

  38. Many of these websites don’t make it big. They’re spam/CPA money making websites that’s usually don’t make it big.

    There are still websites out there that do make it very big!

  39. May be 50 billion websites are there

  40. wow…
    I have new website and get ranked about 26 million from alexa, is it good?

  41. […] readily available access to information on the internet is astonishing. According to an article on newsofdehli.com  there are approximately over 266 million website on the internet with more in he making as we […]

  42. ummmm…. wat nerds

  43. What is the avrage of sites today?

  44. impressing numbers ! , thx for this !

  45. most of the websites are garbage there are really 8million websites according to alexa.com

  46. […] kaum zu greifen, sondern auch in ihren Dimensionen immer weniger zu erfassen oder gar be-greifen: 366.848.493 Websites waren im Dezember 2011 online – sie alle zu lesen, würde mehrere zehn-, bis hunderttausend […]

  47. Good information. I am also thinking of doing a website (I am very new to it), but i am now scared to compete with the mass of millions of website……………….www jam????

  48. OMG, 360 million website already. thats a lot of fun. Maybe one of them must be mind ^^).

    You can see my website also in there @unfoldsecrets(dot)com

  49. Hi! Nice figure! Would you have a breakdown of this huge number, say by country, date of creation, …etc? Thanks in advance

  50. How many websites are there in the Caribbean Region?

  51. IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. ?????????????????????????????????????????

  53. For those who want to get technical. Search engines have only 10 spots on the front page. Most people dont search past page 1. So to be found, you need to rank top 10 for your chosen search term. Interesting idea. Type a single letter into google search. Result numbers vary from 5 to 25 BILLION sites. How can people find your website in this ocean?

  54. My site is less than 3 months old and gets about 26 visits a day on average according to google analytics (blogspot always says I get more pageviews than GA says) and I rank 2.8 million on alexa already.

  55. My site has somehow been conflated with OKChina.com but to my benefit so now OK Junk – kelowna junk removal service is listed as having an alexa rank of 350,000. Incredible for a site that has only been up for a few months!

  56. How many websites registered in this world? How many websites ending with .th?

  57. The number of personal websites, often provide no valuable information at all. But some people like me post information that benefit others. More useless websites out there than good onces.

  58. I managed to get my site ( http://www.ssgpi.com ) to 1,433,220 world wide and 106523 for my us rating. I was at 23,000,000 3 months ago.

  59. i don’t think anyone knows exactly how many sites their is on the internet.

  60. I am new at this, my site went live just 10 days ago. Alexa rank 2.6 million!!!!!!!!! Thanks…GrapheneBiz.com

  61. surprisingly low number.
    I figured it would be a few billion.

  62. The way it is increasing I am sure it will hit a billion soon

  63. Wow i did not know it was that many website around. My site is now ranked in the top 1 million, I feel real good about this now.

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  65. i just realize millions of website that compete with me.

  66. wow so many site but 18% of websites are not active.but every 2 sec 10 website is created and one site is deleted from internet.

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  68. very big number
    i have 5 sites

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  70. i think future world wide each one alloted to one web site……

  71. […] to a survey by Netcraft, around 366,848,493 websites got recorded till December 2011 on World Wide Web; which has […]

  72. It is now 644000000 websites now can you believe it……..

  73. When you start tracking with Alexa you begin around 20 million, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more sites, just that they don’t register in tracking software. Regardless of how many there are it only matters how many are in front of you on search engines!

  74. wow thanks for the info , wow didnt know there were so many sites out in the us.

  75. Thanks for the information, it really helped me lot.



  77. That number is quite smaller than any other number I have seen elsewhere.

  78. indeed my niggars

  79. That’s a lot of websites! I had a feeling there were more websites than people. I think that must just be webpages.

  80. How the website come to life can someone who is going to

  81. its sound great and really terrific

  82. this is very healthy news that i seen here, plz keep it up dude….

  83. HI,

    I went to know total website list which buil using wordpress….

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  85. Wow that is a huge number maybe by this time that number was doubled or tripled or maybe more.

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