Dec 072011

There was a huge cry over the disappearance of Indian Army Fans page from facebook. It was a fact that a few pages were not opening yesterday night, and it is unknown what was the original problem. This particular page was having 3.

The admin of the page wrote today morning

We, the page IAF have been getting continuous warnings from facebook and these warning had increased in number for the past few days. In order to avoid a real time deletion threat,(as had happened with IAC and a few other pages), we the team, decided to put the page away from the public view for sometime.

Here it is also to mention that due to some technical glitch the admin could not put up any warning or deletion posts earlier in the absence of which a whole scenario of deletion got so much of hype.
We the team IAF apologize to all the fans for any inconvenience caused. 
We hope that the bond we share with all of you have only proven itself time and again and we thank you all for the support that you have shown for the dear page “”Indian Army Fans””.
Jai Hind 


Similar warnings were recieved by some of my friends who manage anti Government pages like India Against Congress. The facebook has started warning the people and the government pressure on them is high.

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