Feb 072012

Facebook was born eight years ago and thanks to the zenius and yound Mark Zuckerberg .  Due to his imagination and hard work , hte social network has set a benchmark for the internet world . Facebook has redefined its success by capturing aroung 845 millions users around the world .

Here are some of the facts about the brain behind the era called ‘Facebook’

  • Zuckerberg is a Harvard dropout and has successfully connected almost 10 per cent of the world’s population through his social network. His net worth is $17.5 billion and he has become America’s 14th-richest man.
  •  Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind. The best colour Zuckerberg can see is blue. Zuckerberg once reportedly said, “Blue is the richest colour for me. I can see all of blue.” This is the reason why blue is the dominant colour on Facebook.
  • While he was in high school, Facebook chief executive co-developed a music app called Synapse Media Player. Technology majors like Microsoft and AOL reportedly offered him a million dollars to develop the app further. The two companies also wanted to hire him but Zuckerberg preferred to go to Harvard University.
  • Zuckerberg was declared as the worst dressed men in Silicon Valley list by GQ. You can usually spot him in ill-fitting hoodies, jeans, t-shirts and Adidas sandals
  • Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world. According to a Forbes report, he became the youngest billionaire at the age of 23 in the year 2008. He was ranked 785 on the World’s Billionaires list.

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