Dec 102011

Please read the tweets from Rajdeep Sardesai


Someone using a fake Acct @Rajdeepsardesai. Note: pl only follow verified acct @sardesairajdeep. Fake accounts/trolls/anonymity, when will social media grow up?


But as  CNNIBN Sardesai alleges, is  @Rajdeepsardesai.  a fake account ? Let us check  ..


The below is the screenshot of his bio…

He has notified in his bio that he is not sardesai. We are not sure whether his real name is Rajdeep Sardesai, but we can not say it for sure that he can not have that name. As Rajdeep and Sardesai are common names and surnames.

Further the CNNIBN ‘s sardesai adds Fake accounts/trolls/anonymity, when will social media grow up?

Social media is not an official media, it is used by common people. But Paid news/Looklives/smear campaigns, when will the main stream media grow up to real journalism ?

By the way do you know why CNNIBN sardesai came with a notice suddenly, that is because he thought “Swamy thought he is supporting him”, swamy had retweeted the tweet by @rajdeepsardesai last day..

Written By Ashok @Nationalizer

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