Oct 032011

To get traffic on your website is not an easy job but article writing is a very good method to get maximum traffic. I also got sudden increase of traffic through quality articles of mine. Here are 5 easy methods for you:

1) Don’t Write Lengthy Articles: No one has a time these days to read long articles, people get bored with lengthy articles so always try to write articles between 150-600 words.

2) Write Informative Articles: Always try to write such articles which may be beneficial for the people because everyone wants some information in articles and it will also create the interest among readers. Genuine and Informative articles are read for years.

3) Only Write Genuine Articles: This is one of the most important thing which people don’t do. Many people just copy their articles from here & there and submit which don’t attract the visitors. If you submit genuine articles you will definitely get the readers.

4) Choose Popular Sites to Submit Articles: If you choose popular sites to submit articles it will definitely increase the readership because big sites have advanced technology which spread your articles on the internet and search engines also show the articles of popular sites in first ten pages.

5) Try to Write Articles on Popular and Latest Topics: This is very important thing to get traffic. Search engines will also search your topics easily because people around the world do search about popular and latest topics.

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  1. that’s not 5 ways of getting traffic, thats one way with 5 tips.

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