Jul 022011

The man was assaulted by a cop for wearing cloths like labourer.

In a strange incident, one Ajay Gupta of Runnisaidpur Bazar in Sitamarhi district, who was waiting on Muzaffarpur railway platform with a platform ticket to receive his wife coming by Garib Rath Express at about 6.15 am on Tuesday, was assaulted with lathi by a railway protection force (RPF) constable only because he looked like a `labourer’ wearing dirty clothes.

The government railway police (GRP) of Muzaffarpur has lodged an FIR against an unknown RPF staff for beating a genuine person following a written complaint from the victim.

According to the GRP SHO, Pramod Kumar, preliminary investigation had revealed that the RPF constable took Gupta as an antisocial element unnecessarily occupying space on the platform to commit some crime.

The RPF man ordered Gupta to leave the platform and when he refused showing the platform ticket, he was beaten with lathi.

Gupta told the GRP that his wife, Sunita Devi, travelling with a genuine ticket was to reach Muzaffarpur station at around 6.30 in the morning.

He had reached Muzaffarpur railway station to receive her and take her home away from Muzaffarpur.

He claimed he had showed the platform ticket to the RPF man at which he said any anti-social element can claim himself to be a gentleman after buying a platform ticket.

The GRP SHO said that any person carrying a genuine ticket cannot be beaten simply because he did not wear clean clothes. This is a crime for which the irresponsible RPF staff would be arrested.

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