Aug 162011

Central government is afraid of Gandhiian “Anna Hazare” even in Tihar Jail. According to the government sources, Kalmadi, A.Raja and Kanimozhi are planning to join Anna’s movement to save their faces. Even scam-tainted Tihar Jail prisoners have understood the importance of strong anti-corruption law. When will the Government understand ?

"Kalmadi, A.Raja and Kanimozhi"

They might become Gandhiians and reveal all about the Government.

Twitter is full of such humorous tweets. Everyone is tweeting only about Tihar Jail, Anna, Kalmadi, A. Raja and Kanimozhi. While thousands are protesting still many Indians on Twitter are busy in making pranks. Here are some more funny tweets:

* People charged with corruption charges and people against corruption sharing the same place …….. Tihar Jail – Nishan Shetty

* Anna in Tihar Jail Is it to teach him how to be corrupt. Teachers – A.Raja, Kalmadi, Kanimohi – HIndian

* Anna lodged in tihar jail. maybe in the company of kalmadi, raja n others, he’ll get a fresh perspective on corruption! – Rahul Chidgopkar

* Rahul Gandhi was not arested when he visited Bhatta Parsaul which was under Sec 144… but Anna goes to Tihar jail… waah re Congress!!! – Devidas Solunke

* Will join protest if Anna invites me, says Nitin Gadkari. Tihar Jailworried that it might run out of rations if Gadkari is arrested. – V Kumara Swamy

* Anna Hazare and Suresh Kalmadi in the same ward of Tihar jail. The hunter and the hunted are co-located. Life is a game!! – Siva Paturi

* Kalmadi and Raja will now tell the Media that they are in Tihar with Anna as part of Anna’s ‘Jail Bharo Andolan’ –  Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

* Now Anna & Kalmadi are in the same Tihar cell block.So You do good you go to jail,you do bad also you go to jail? OK,So do we do nothing?  –  Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

* Kiran Bedi once transformed Tihar Jail and now she will be jailed in it. – Jatin Kapadia

Anna Hazare And Suresh Kalmadi Both In Tihar Jail ! One Is Der For Being Corrupted , And Other One Is Der For Trying To Stop Corruption ! – Ashok Raghavan

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