Nov 152011

How will you feel when  you ask someone for your personal data  you get a 1000 of pages in return ? The same incident happened in Austria with a Law student Max Schrems . When he requested the Facebook to provide him with his personal  data that the Facebook is having  ,  He got around 1222 pages in return which he certainly didn’t expect.

"Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook Logo"

The pages include  photos, messages and postings on his Facebook page dating back years, some of which he thought he had deleted the times he had clicked ‘like’ on an item, ‘pokes’ of fellow users, and reams of other information.  So its alarming for all 800 millions users that When you delete something from Facebook, all you are doing is hiding it from yourself .

So all Facebook users be careful while chatting because some one is keeping eye on you .

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