Aug 252011

This amazing and crazy man has a habit to sleep in the Refrigerator. This funny pic would explain you further:

"Funny Man Sleeping in the Fridge"

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  One Response to “This man likes to sleep in the Refrigerator”

  1. Salman is only capable of BOGUS Pocket filling charities like ‘Being Human’. Only Rs 100/- of every item we buy goes to provide Education and Healthcare for the underprivileged through Being Human. He is a convict, drunk, woman beater, who has killed poor people sleeping at night, killed endangered animals and god knows what more. Who wants such a third class individual to support Anna Hajare’s movement?? No one cares. Only those who have something to hide will be be afriad of Anna’s Lokpal.
    We don’t need people who bribe to support Anna. We don’t need people to run down poors under their car…..
    In short A Criminal Can’t be Changed
    Criminal like Salman can never be an honest human. Watch his interview with a Pakistani media in Pakistan about 26/11 terrorist attack. Send him to jail again.

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