Jul 262011

The new revelation, that Suresh Kalmadi is suffering from dementia, has become the sensation on Twitter. People recalling him the next Ghajini’s hero. Here are some coolest, craziest and funniest tweets about him:

# RT @shash_n: Just got to know that Ghajini 2 is getting on the floors with the lead actor being Suresh Kalmadi

PunamRaut (Punam Raut) :
This Christmas hold your breath coz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gajani Part 2 is releasing Starring Suresh Kalmadi 😛

Swaraaj (Swaraaj Chauhan):
Memory loss movies Suresh Kalmadi must watch:

rd_bhatnagar (R D Bhatnagar):
Suresh Kalmadi it seems is having memory loss (dementia). He will now forget what CWG was and that he was the commissioner at all.

"Suresh Kalamdi The Next Ghajini Dementia Cartoon"

madversity (Madhavan Narayanan):
Suresh Kalmadi believes in forgiving and forgetting. He forgets and expects you to forgive.

# suhelseth (SUHEL SETH): 
And knowing the hoodlum that Suresh Kalmadi is, how does he remember he has dementia???…:)

rameshsrivats (Ramesh Srivats): 
Suresh Kalmadi diagnosed with dementia. Oh, ok. Now he can attend parliament.

madztweetz (Madhusudanan):
Suresh Kalmadi : “Once he was Ghazni of India Now becoming Ghajini of India.

# sanishkbabu (Sanish K Babu):
New Ghajini is here.believe he’s seen d movie in tihar & learnt a few tricks.this can only convince d demented!

# THEJKSINGH (Jatin kumar):
Suresh Kalmadi Platform K Side Me Leta Tha..Sarad Pawar-Kya Kar Rhe Ho..Kalmadi-Sucide..Pawar-To Track K Bich Me Leto..Kalmadi-Dar Lagta Ha

pankaj_shaw1982 (Pankaj Shaw):
Ghajini 2 in Tihar Jail, not Aamir khan but its Kalmadi

AC_31 (Atul Chaturvedi):
Suresh Ghajini Kalmadi, but instead of Ghajini tattoo he has “Main Chor hu” on himself

vinodsundaram (Vinod Sundaram):
Suresh Kalmadi watch Ghajini in Tihar ?? Sir u made Lakhs , your Dementia story will not run in our theaters.

akashag1001 (Akash Agrawal):
Mr. Suresh ‘Gajini’ Kalmadi, do you remember if commonwealth games were ever held in India.

Dineshkc (Dinesh Choudhary):
Suresh Kalmadi: Chest-pain out, Dementia in.

# aksheyac (Aksheya Chandar):
Suresh kalmadi, ex-forces and a big name in indian politics has cited the most retarded excuse for his involvement in the scam ever. WOW!

Buick01 (Shekar Mallikarjuna)
If Rohan Sippy ever makes a film on Kalmadi,a sequel to Bluffmaster. Prakash Javedkar can be Suresh Kalmadi‘s *Body Double* No?

# saikalluri (Sai Kalluri):
Is suresh kalmadi the real life Ghajini

daredevil_AA (Avinash Anand):
Biggest joke of the decade: Mr. Suresh Kalmadi now says that he is suffering from Dementia. Perhaps he thinks that we Indians are dementic.

sudeeptgaur (Sudeept Gaur) ?Verfid:
Tihar films presenting d sequel of ghajini, “Ghotale” starring SureshKalmadi, Kanimozhi, A Raja, Dayanidhi Maran & extras: Lalit Bhanot

AshwinSalian (Ashwin Salian):
We all should slap Suresh Kalmadi. He should forget it then?

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