Sep 292011

We all need to use urinals at public places many times. But if you get these amazing and one of the best of the world to pee, you would definitely go there.

There are a few I’d definitely be afraid to piss in, some that might actually turn me on and some that would put me in a musical mood.  One thing’s for sure though:  I gotta pee in these at some point.

Don’t hesitate. If you gotta go, you gotta go.  But why not go in style?  We all need a little variety in our lives, and who’s to say that variety can’t come in the lavatory?

"Cool and Best Urinals at Amsterdam"

Amazing Urinals of Amsterdam

"Best Urinal and Most Amazing Urinal"

Be careful ! Beautiful ladies are seeing you.

"Most Amazing and Weird Urinal with a kiss"

Urinal with a kiss. Ummmaaaahh...

"Handless Urinal and Best of the World"

Now, you don't have to use your hands

"World's best and most amazing urinal"

Play music and pee at the same time

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