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And most of us have moments – sometimes – where you just sit at your desk, look outside the window and think to yourself “It’s time to quit this job.” So how can you tell if it really is time to move on? Here are 5 signs that it may be time to quit your job:

5. Your Health and Well-Being. It’s no secret that there’s a link between stress and ill health—and bad working situations can be a major cause of stress. The longer you remain at a stressful job, the more damage you risk doing to yourself.

4. The Challenge is Gone. You have been doing the same task at work every single day and no matter how many times you ask for new responsibilities, your needs are never fulfilled. If you’ve reached the point where you find yourself bored, goofing off and in need of copious amounts of coffee just to make it through another day of drudgery, it may be time to look for a more demanding job.

3. Your Work-Life Balance has No Life. Or Balance. You don’t mind working hard, but it would be nice to see your kids (or even some daylight) once in awhile. While some love the rigors of a demanding job, there are others who would like to be home to see their baby take its first step or go out with friends to watch the big game. If that’s you, finding a less demanding job with a better work-life balance might be more suitable for your needs.

2. What Promotion? When was the last time you received a promotion or were even up for one? If you have been going above and beyond the call of duty and feel you deserve a promotion and your company balks at your request, moving on might be an option to consider. When thinking about your employment situation, you should always think of your resume. Remaining at a job for a number of years without any advancement can indicate to a potential employer that that you lack ambition. Assuming that’s not true, you need to find work that offers opportunities to grow.

1. You’re underpaid. Maybe your employer has had it rough over the past couple of years. Maybe they figure you don’t have anywhere else to go. Or maybe they’re just cheap. Either way, if you’re in a situation where you feel unappreciated and underpaid, and there’s no prospect of a raise on the horizon, it can’t hurt to look around—as long as you do so quietly. If you feel a raise is deserved, it’s time to start looking for jobs that will pay a salary more in line with your needs.

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