May 242012

DELHI-NCR: In the past few years it is the services category that has become a hot favourite among students to do part-time jobs. Mostly these are jobs like babysitting, housekeeping, freelance work, content writing, product marketing, event services, garden maintenance, hobby classes- music, dance, painting and tutoring.

“Summer break has become the perfect opportunity for several pro-active students to make money by offering such services. Another means of earning cash has been through the sale of old notes and study material online,” said Amarjit Batra, country head,

“It also allows micro, small and medium enterprises to source good talent pool directly at cheaper costs and students get some work experience while completing studies,” explained Mr Batra.

An increasing number of students and professionals are using the internet to earn some extra buck or learn new skills. Leading the change are local search engines like, and as platforms to connect buyers, sellers and service providers.

For OLX too the services section has been a great business-generating vertical, but city-wise the picture is a little different. For Delhi-NCR events, modeling and acting, freelance works are the top choices whereas for Mumbai it’s modeling and acting, freelance and Bangalore with babysitting and housework services. “Our business has grown over 100 percent in last two to three years, with Services category contributing over 25 percent,” said Mr Batra.

BG Mahesh, MD,, a Bangalore-based portal said, “From just 8-9 percent internet penetration currently, the online industry is expected to grow to over 150 million users in the next couple of years. As students become more independent and smart to manage their own finances is a big driver for growth. We want to be able to give them enough part-time job opportunities.”

Even professionals are making full use of such facilities either to pursue their hobbies or earn little extra by free lancing. “Although part-time jobs is predominantly a students domain, professionals are not far behind. At, student to professionals’ ratio for service offerings is 65:35,” said Pankaj Agarwal, CEO, was started in 2006 to address the opportunity of online classifieds, which is very big in the developed countries. The company has been an operationally profitable.

Services of these portals are free for all. Their revenue comes from advertising. “We also have featured listings that users can buy to get a better placement on the web page,” Mr Batra and Mr Agarwal of OLX and ClickIndia.

The portal is another big e-commerce player in the field of local online classified sites. ClickIndia was launched in 2007 and in the last two years Services section has become the most popular category. Delhi-NCR and Mumbai have been the biggest market with a dominant share of over 30 percent followed by Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata.

“In Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, the most favoured services are tutoring, hobby classes and product marketing whereas for Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad, it is babysitting and content writing,” said Mr Agarwal of ClickIndia.


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