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The much anticipated 108th Michigan vs. Ohio State faceoff is coming up this Saturday, at the Big House!  This game is going to be insane! After we feast and fill our stomachs to capacity this Thursday, some of us will gear up to stand in line to get in on the Black Friday Madness. Others will choose to wait for online deals on Cyber Monday, but no matter if you’re a Michigan fan or an Ohio State fan one thing is for sure on Saturday it’s all about the big game. One thing I think is awesome about this rivalry is that both Universities for the past thirty years have held blood drives for the Red Cross in the annual Blood Battle. Students and faculty get involved by donating blood. Last year about 5,000 units of blood were collected between the rivaling Universities, this year it is expected to be more.  This means that 15,000 potential lives were saved because of the compassion of the human heart.  Pretty Amazing!

This isn’t limited to Wolverine and Buckeye fans.  Anyone can donate anytime. Why give blood? Someone needs blood every two seconds! Just one pint of blood can save three lives. Blood can not be manufactured or harvested.  It can only come from you.  Think about it…. It takes 1 hour of your time. You can give someone another laugh, another hug, and most importantly, another chance! I was inspired to share this when I stumbled upon Angie’s Story and other stories of how blood donations saved people’s lives. So, whether you bleed Maize & Blue or Scarlet and Gray, you can be a hero today!

After you make your special donation (if you haven’t already done so) you will need to go get snacks for the game. The best place to go?  Kmart!  That’s right.  I can run in grab my snacks, pick up my beverages, and even grab some Big Ten Apparel so I’m already for the game.  Then I can grab all my cleaning supplies, along with some stocking stuffers just to get that out of the way while I’m out. I am watching the game on my new Toshiba 46” 1080p LCD TV which I got a deal on for $799.  I will still do some recon to see what Black Friday deals to anticipate. Kmart is your one stop, shop, and save for all of your holiday and game day needs. That’s not just smart, that’s Kmart smart!

Get out and donate (even if you could care less about the game.) Whose life will you save? Check out the Red Cross for more information on when and where you can make a difference!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, don’t eat too much turkey and stuffing and get to Kmart and get your deals for super savings storewide.  Kmart has everything you need for everyone on your Holiday Shopping list. Most Kmarts are open Thanksgiving Day for those of you who simply can’t wait for the hustle and bustle of the season to begin.  Check out the Crazy deals in the jewelry department for the special lady in your life, and fill her stocking with her favorite name brand makeup like Covergirl and Revlon.  Don’t forget Kmart carries Craftman tools, for the handyman you’re shopping for.  He’s not into tools?  Kmart has a great sporting goods section for the sports enthusiast you’re shopping for.  For the little one on your list, Kmart has released the Fab15, consisting of Hasbro, Mattell, Disney, Sesame Street and Fisher- Price brands.  Kmart sells characters such as Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Doro, and Barbie.  All Fab 15 cost between $29.99 and 99.99.  Be careful though, because Kmarts Fab 15 Toy list has caused a condition called N.U.T.S.O. (Nearly Uncontrollable Toy Smile Outbreak.)  Got a hard to please teen on your list?  Check out Kmarts electronics department, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for!  MP3 Players, CDs, DVDs, video games for everyone, and the 3DS, on sale $169.99!   Kmart has a home department that can’t be beat, from Jaclyn Smith to Martha Stewart’s line, picture frames, candles, pots and pans galore!   You might be asking yourself, where can I pick up the little extras I need?  Kmart, of course! A pair of slippers, or pajamas.  A bottle of nail polish or hairspray.  A pack of boxer shorts (or briefs.) I’m telling you, they have everything.  You know what, don’t forget your favorite pet, Kmart has them covered too!  For the people that have been great to you all year who you just don’t know what to get, the paperboy, the mailman, your daughter’s teacher, even the neighbor who puts up with your barking dog all night.  A Kmart gift card is always appropriate, and much appreciated! There isn’t anything you can’t find at Kmart. Just don’t forget to pick up a little something extra for yourself, for all your hard work, and good behavior of course!  One more thing, Kmart offers layaway, so take advantage of the deals and savings now before they are gone!

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