Sep 022011

People around the world are becoming health cautious but they don’t care much about their teeth which is equally important for a healthy body. Here, I’ve written 5 tips which will you keep your teeth healthy naturally:

"Woman with White and Healthy Teeth"

# Mix clove with the toothpaste and brush your teeth with that paste regularly. It can protect your teeth from micro-organisms (Kind of bacteria and germs).

# Gargle early morning with Alum, it will make your teeth healthy.

# Don’t drink citrus juices like lemon water because it contain ascorbic acid which can lead to the enamel decomposition (you would feel uneasy in taking hot and cold things).

# Use mustard oil with Alum and rub it on the teeth to get the whitening of your teeth.

# Use turmeric powder with Alum or salt, it will protect you from foreign microbes and caries (cavity).

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