Dec 142011

Shri Anna Hazare the crusader aganist corruption is on the hit list of the terrorist they have planned a bomb attacks on annaji also a news on aajtak claims that a threat call has come up where the man on the phone warns anna that if he goes on a fast and if not stopped he will attack with 500 hiv + needles to the people attending at the ramlila maidan where second anshan will be starting from 27th dec.The call has been traced from mumbai,thane station.

Well questions arises out of all this that Goverment of India is not willing to agree with anna on Janlokpal bill and so does they are totally aganist the will of the nation.Here after anna hazare is been one again cheated by the goverment even after their repeated assurances.I hope this doesnt come true but many thinkers feel the possibility of a nexus between govt and terror because both have the same agenda this time.

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