Nov 292011
Anti-Hindu painter M F Husain
painter M F Husain

Appeal to all

My dear friends as you know that MF HUSAIN is a well known INDIAN Painter  around the world. But we also should know that he had drawn nude paintings of Hindu Deities and Bharat Mata and hurt religious and patriotic sentiments of billions of Hindus and Indians.Also he openly admits that he draws Nude paintings in order to humiliate that being.

Now, it is the duty of all devout Hindus and patriotic Indians to protest lawfully against IFFI organisers and demand cancellation of documentary being screened as part of homage to Anti-Hindu and Anti-National painter M F Husain; because he does not deserve such respect.Friends its upon you how you react because such acts are beyond tolerance of a peaceful society.Also if you go to youtube or google info on this you can see those pictures of disturbing paintings.

Official website of IFFI :


Devout Hindus and Patriotic Indians are protesting lawfully on following Contact details :

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Sirifort Auditorium Complex
New Delhi 110049
Tel: 91 11 26490457
Fax: 91 11 26497214

Old GMC Building
Campal, Panaji,Goa
Tel : +91-832-2434222
Fax: +91-832-2435222
Website :
E-Mail :

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