Nov 302011

My Dear fellow citizens today’s date 30th nov is remembered as Swadeshi day by nationalist Indians in Bharat and all over the world.We all know the meaning of being Swadeshi as it is simplified from the British rule by our freedom fighters and by even Mahatma Gandhi as  movement involved boycotting British products and the revival of domestic-made products and production techniques.That movement was successful movement all thanks to awakened Bharat vasi but today once again we are in the grip of multi-national companies and multinational investments which are ruining the self dependent Bharat by looting us.This issue is of prime concern today in the minds of all Swadeshi pracharaks and even late Rajivji had a vision to fight against this loot.He exposed that America played a key role in instabiling our self dependency for which our current PM Manmohan singh acted as an agent for America.He goes on to take on MAC DONALDS,PEPSI COLA,LAYS,COLGATE,PRODUCTS BY HINDUSTAN LIVER LIMITED such as MAGGIE, LIFE BOY SOAPS,ALSO VICKS are dangerous for humans to use in daily life products because all contains hazardous chemicals and all food items comes with a sacrifice that it contains animal oil as taster.It came as a shocking to the country and people of this country felt betrayal and fooled by the west.He went on to expose govt conspiracies such as BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY was not an accident but conspired for a test.He exposed the NEHRU PARIVAR as bad luck for Bharat to have him as our PM.The list goes on and on and we can find his speeches on youtube he was the first to be sacrified of his whole life and then his soul too 🙁 May his voice and love for the country remains forever in the hearts and minds of the people.


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