May 032012

Always Samsung India is focusing more on creating new market by their new product like Android 4.0 tablet, Tab 2 310, which will be lauching by early this month, setting itself an ambitious task of achieving 60 per cent market share in the Smartphone segment during the current year.

Ranjit Yadav, who is Samsung India mobile and IT applications head said, “The market size is 8 to 10 million devices at present. The focus is on how do we grow this to 20 million devices”. The mobile handset maker, with a market share of 44.7 per cent, is focusing more on creating new market, reaching out to different sections that remain uncovered so far.

Mr. Yadav told, “We offer widest range in terms of handsets to suit consumer needs, enabling them to make a choice”.The company is undeterred by the entry of low cost devices and cut in prices announced by its competitors.

Dual SIM phones currently constitute 45 per cent of the mobile handset market in India. “We offer a complete range and launched our first Dual SIM smartphone under the Galaxy series — Galaxy Ace Duos, Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos with Ace Duos supporting GSM and CDMA. This segment will continue to grow and we expect the dual SIM segment to contribute around 25 per cent of our total mobile sales,” he said. Samsung’s dual SIM phones offered consumers’ advantage of using one SIM for data downloads and the other for voice call. “The Galaxy Y Duos, for instance, offers users the opportunity to use the device for both data and call simultaneously, enabling them to maintain a work life balance,” he pointed out.

In the tablet space, Samsung Galaxy Tabs offered a variety of features. “We were the first to launch Tablets in the market in 2010 and are constantly working on innovation in the tablet range,” he said. Samsung launched the world’s slimmest Galaxy Tab 730 and Galaxy Tab 750 last year and the range has been augmented this year with the launch of Galaxy Tab 620. At present, Samsung’s Tab variants are available in the price range of Rs.30,000-36,000.

In Galaxy series, he said, was ‘very well accepted’. He claimed Samsung was a market leader in the smartphone segment with 44.7 per cent share and offered a range 19 smart phones priced between Rs.7,360 and Rs.38,250.


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