Jun 182011

In India, if you are aam aadmi (normal person) as well as sincere, honest and patriot than it is very difficult to survive here. Indian politicians will keep sucking your blood till your last breath, and one day, you will die.

Let’s don’t go anywhere else and take the example of mine. I have always loved my country, I’m big fan of our great freedom fighters like: Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandrashekhar Azad, Kartar Singh Sarabaa etc., I’ve always tried to do something for India but in vain, I’ve always tried to be honest and never gave any bribe to anyone, I’ve voted for the good people, I’ve never broken any law, and tell you the result now, I’m cursing myself that why I did all these things.

Here, if I go to the police station they always demand money even for registering minor complaints. If I’m using my most powerful right “Vote”, I’m committing crime because every single politician is corrupt except one or two. If I go to the Councillor, MLA or MP for getting any work done they will only listen to me if I’m powerful person or belong to their party. If I go to the media they will only highlight me if I can be big breaking news for them. If I try to make unity among the people to fight this anarchy they only get united on the name of caste and religion only.

Now, I wanna forget all these things and just wanna do my business. Still, I pay huge electricity bills though I don’t use that much electricity moreover electricity goes for 2-3hrs. daily, I have to give bribe to the sweepers because they say if you don’t give us money you will have to repent even though they are govt. employees, I’m always in fear about my business as Court suddenly passes order to seal all shops, I’ve to go through garbage and filth on my way to home, I’ve to pay many taxes though Government is not using that money, I always see cops breaking law which really pinches me, I don’t always get drinking water because it seldom comes, whenever I use public transport I have to go through hell because Govt. vehicles are very dirty, my female family members are unsafe because Delhi is the rape capital of India, I’m forced by cops to give bribe because I’ve sign boards of my firm on my office, I always get stuck in big traffic jams in the case of emergency.

Now, this is the story of every Indian Aam Aadmi. Where the hell should we go ? Do we not have any right to live peacefully ? I think, it’s better to live a life of anarchist here.

One day, I heard about Anna Hazare, his movement and Jan Lokpal Bill. I definitely trusted in that as this bill is India’s last hope. I know, our politicians will do their best not to pass it, but if it passed, it can really control corruption.

We should try our best and stay united to make government pass this bill which can change the future of India and Indians.

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  2 Responses to “Aam Aadmi of India does not have any right to live and India’s only hope is Jan Lokpal”

  1. hum se accha to kasaab hai jail me maje se to reh raha hai… aam aadmi ki to buri haalat kar rakhi hai sarkaar ne… khane ke liye kuch nahi hai.. sab itna mehnga hai.. jaha 1 ltr dudh pite the ab 1/2 ltr me kaam chalana padta hai… 100 rupye me pure hafte ki sujia aa jati thi.. ab minimum 300 to lagte hai.. koi bhi fruit aisa nahi jo sasta ho… pehan ne ko kapde itne mehnge ho gaye hai… education which is most required for this country wo sab se mehngi hai… petrol aur gas to har roj ki baat ho gayi hai… anna ji please kuch karo.. yeh politicians to desh ki halat kharab kar rahe hai .. gareeb aadmi gareeb hota jaa raha hai .. ameer aur jyada ameer ho raha hai… mehnat kar ke do paisa kamane wale to marne ki haalat me hai… terrorism to jaise humari life ka ek part ban gaya hai ab.. train, bus market me jaata hai insaan aur fir kabhi wapas nahi aata.. aur rahul gandhi kehte hai ke ek do to hote rehte hai… i am really feeling like abusing.. itna gussa hai … mujh me hi nahi desh ke har aam nagrik me hai ye… ek do haraaj crore se niche to koi ghotala hi nahi hota aajkal… desh ki doorgati kar di in logo ne… nahi chalana aata to kyu nahi baith jaate ghar par aaram se….. ban gaye politicians aur loot rahe hai desh ko… swiss bank me account khulwate hai aur loot lete hai gareeb aadmi ko… sathiyo anna jaisa insaan is desh me pata nahi fir kabhi paida hoga ke nahi… please support him.. yahi ek aakhri umeed ki kiran hai…

  2. Aage aage dekhiye hota hai KYA.

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