Jun 182011

Whether Baba Ramdev’s demands were legitimate or not, whether he was doing good or bad still his supporters shouldn’t have been the treatment they got. Even sleeping women were not spared.

It’s obvious that the action taken by Delhi Police and Paramilitary Forces couldn’t have been possible without the Central Government’s permission.

Police said that Baba Ramdev’s life was in danger as they got intelligent inputs about the possible terror attack on Ramdev but we also had the intelligence report about the 26/11 attack. Why were we not so serious at that time and what suddenly made them realize their duty of protecting India and its people. I think, it’s the bogus excuse as they have never been so serious about someone’s security except politicians.

Central Government took so stern against the peaceful movement as they were Britishers and Ramlila Ground was Jallianwala Bagh. The only difference was no one being shot at. Moreover, this same Government has never been so tough against so many violent protests all around India but Ramdev’s was peaceful.

I think, our Central Government is scared and politicians don’t want to bring back their hard earned black money so they would try hard to crush every protest against black money.

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