Sep 072011

"Afzal Guru Terrorists"

Afzal Guru was given death sentence by Supreme Court 7 years ago in the Parliament attack case. But his loved ones appealed for mercy from the President which is still pending. Is our own government responsible for Delhi’s blast ?

All of us know about Kandhar hijack incident which happened in 1999. Indian Airlines plane was hijacked to demand the release of Masood Azhar, who is also the founder of deadly terror organization “Jaish-e-Mohammad”. Indian government had to fulfill the demands of terrorists to save many people’s lives who were in plane.

One or two more same types of incidents have been reported earlier for the release of terrorists. Keeping terrorists in Jail for long term have proved to be dangerous for India. Afzal Guru’s case is also pending for a long time. Shouldn’t we hang terrorists within 6 months or 1 year to prevent more terror attacks ?

"Sketch of Delhi High Court's blast suspects"

Sketch of Delhi High Court's blast suspects released

Afzal Guru’s case is also pending for a long time and HUJI wants him not to be hanged or it will target Supreme Court and other High Courts as well.

We have been the country of being soft to real enemies and hard to our own people. Shouldn’t we finish the trial of terrorists quickly and hang them ?

Some organization soon might want the release of Kasab as well.

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