Jun 182011

According to the Swiss Bank and other reports, India is having around 280-400 lakh crore as a black money in various banks abroad. We are at the top of the list in the World. Here, I’ve tried to highlight the work which can be done for India if Black Money is brought back:

1) This is an amount which is many times larger than our foreign debt and with the help of it we can be debt free.

2) There is some very good news for you. The total black money accounts for 40% of GDP of India, if all the money comes back to India then that could result in huge growth burst for India.

3) Even if all the taxes are abolished, the government can maintain the country easily for 30-40 years.

4) We can easily eradicate poverty from our country if we spend such a huge amount for our country’s development and for the welfare of its people.

5) More than 60 crores jobs can be given to Indians.

6) We can have 4 lane roads from any village to Delhi.

7) Every citizen can get monthly 2000 for 60 years.

8) There would be no need of world bank and IMF loan.

9) We can be the most powerful country if we bring back this amount of money.

10)Many crimes can also be controlled as poverty is also responsible in the increase of number of crimes.

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