Jun 182011

Surfing around the Web, I found a shocking article about Indian black money rotting in Swiss banks on India Tribune.. Here is the statement by one of the Swiss Bank Directors:

“Indians are poor, but India is not a poor country,” says one of the Swiss Bank directors. He says that “280 lakh crore (280,00,000,000,0000) of Indian rupees is deposited in Swiss banks which can be used for “taxless” budget for 30 years. It can give 60 crore jobs to Indians. The other uses of the money: From any village to Delhi 4-lane roads. Forever free supply to more than 500 social projects. Every citizen can get monthly 2000 for 60 years. No need of world bank and IMF loan.

OMG ! It’s just a shocking revelation. And, it has been going on for many many years. Though Germans have recently given us the list of swindlers (who have black money in Swiss Banks) but Central Government denied to disclose the list to public.

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