Aug 122011

That’s shameful incident for India again ! We still aren’t developed even in the 21st century. States like Punjab, UP, Andhra Pradesh banned “Aarakshan” even without watching it. It is a total politics, where politicians are again playing gimmick over votes. With such moves, film makers would stop making movies on good and real subjects.

"Aarakshan Movie Team"

Indians are still living in the dark age, and just can’t tolerate good subjects. Reservation shouldn’t exist in this modern age, in fact make education free everywhere in this country for OBC/ST/SC, so that they can study and get jobs according to their talent.

We still don’t know whether the “Aarakshan” is anti-reservation or pro-reservation, without even knowing it, there is a ruckus in our country. That’s a bad sign for developing India ! We must be mature enough to watch society-based movies. If Indians can digest vulgar “Delhi Belly, why not “Aarashan”?

The people, who are protesting against “Aarakshan”, must know that reservation only divides our society. India’s real problem is “corruption” and we must fight against it together by thinking beyond the religions and castes.

Be bold enough guys to watch bold movies like “Aarakshan”, so that movies on good subjects can be made without any trouble.

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