Jun 182011

Media is really playing a bad role this time, I must say. All the news channels and papers seem to be so serious about revealing Ramdev Baba’s assets but what about politicians ? They are after team Anna as well these days and making mountain out of a mole hill.

Sudden U-turn of Indian media in the case of team Anna is quite strange as well. All of a sudden, most of the channels have started doing negative publicity of team Anna and trying hard to crush the movement of India Against Corruption.

Even if Ramdev Baba didn’t declare all his assets but he still declared many things. On the other hand, I’ve never seen all our big politicians sitting in center revealing so much. Most of them have just shown assets worth rupees few lakhs and we all know this is totally untrue.

But, Media is only busy in questioning about Baba Ramdev’s assets. Why don’t they go to these politicians and ask them to reveal their real assets ? Why don’t they highlight Schweizer Illustrierte (Swiss Magazine) issue of 1991 in which Swiss banks accounts of many leaders revealed ? Why don’t they go to magazine’s office and highlight the 1991 revelation ?

I must say either they are afraid or its something else….

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  5 Responses to “Indian Media is still not playing very good role in India’s Fight Against Corruption”

  1. Even now the Media can go after the magazine.
    The magazine in its reply to me is very careful in wording.
    Yes.If media persists, new light may dawn…only if?

  2. Do u have the copy ?

  3. Yes,Please check my site.I have reproduced the communication in the blog..

  4. Give me the url plz !

  5. Communication:

    Magazines communication to me.

    ‘Submitted on 2011/02/02 at 7:40 pm
    Dear Blogger, you’ll find the mentioned Schweizer Illustrierte article (Page 41) on this URL:


    Please examine the content carefully, as we think you might have cited it wrong.

    Schweizer Illustrierte’

    ur- “http://ramanan50.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/rajiv-2-5-billionsswiss-magazine-confirms/

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