Jun 182011

The famous Social Activist 72 years old Anna Hazare begins his fast unto death against corruption while Indian youngsters are busy in chatting on Facebook and Twitter.

Anna Hazare said, “He met several ministers including PM and Sonia Gandhi for the implementation of Lok Pal Bill (A bill which would help fight corruption in a better and speedy way), but nothing has been done yet.”

He added that the Lokpal Bill framed by politicians and bureaucrats appointed by the government had been tailored to suit their needs and secure themselves.

“With big scams like the 2G spectrum case and commonwealth games, the public has lost all faith in the politicians and the bureaucrats. They collude and commit acts of corruption. So, there is need for public participation in the framing of laws to punish the offenders. And I will make sure this happens or rather die,” said Hazare.

” Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and other freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the country’s independence. But the power hungry and corrupt politicians continue exploit us. I will fast unto death if the government of the day does not take steps to check this,” said the veteran social activist.

This is a great movement started by this social activist which we youngsters of India must join to fight corruption.


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