Jun 182011

Bihar is a state in eastern India. It is the 12th largest state, 3rd largest by population and no.1 in anarchism. Kidnapping, extortion, scams, murders, bribery, lawlessness etc. are common in this amazing state.

I’m going to tell you one more real story of this state full of anarchism. Yesterday, an insurance agent came to my office for telling about some new insurance policies. While talking I asked him about his qualification and he told me that he was MBA in International Business from Bihar. I took that normally and wished him for his better future than he told me very shocking thing that he had cleared MBA with 86% marks without even studying a single book. Now, it can happen only here that you have an MBA degree without studying any single thing.

Insurance agent was very proud of his degree and said that he had got a new job in Bihar’s private bank by paying 50,000/- (Around $1100) as a bribe. I asked how he did all these things without getting caught, he replied that these things are common in his state. Many professionals get degree without studying in the state and examiners dare not say them anything, I was told. One can easily fulfill dreams without obeying any single law.

Many talented people in India as well as in Bihar can’t get much success because of these anarchists. So, should we be anarchist now to become big in India ?

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