Apr 302012

Death of baby falak is a blot on humanity. People responsible for the ghastly act are not less than a monster. What was the fault of that infant? Only this that is was born as a girl. I imagine how can god create such creatures who have no pity on an infant. Biting her, hitting her-Oh my god!!!- i am not even able to express my feelings after watching the pictures of that baby. Whenever i imagine how much pain falak could have suffered, i got morose. Poor baby- can’t express her pain in words herself. Whatever happened to falak is the outcome of sick mentality of some people who still exists among us living happily. These people are in itself a clot on the society. Differentiation between a boy and girl is a stigma on our society. Despite being 21st century, there is a primitive society. They don’t care where the society is heading, they don’t want to progress,  don’t like progressive people. Girls are becoming more and more independent, getting more education, taking responsibility in their entirety. Government should bring a law that can remove or at lease control this menace. Otherwise, god knows, how many baby falaks will pay the price of being a girl.

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