Jun 182011

"Sikh Doing Stunt On Bike"

“Nagar Kirtans” were started to recite the name of Sikh Gurus everywhere. But, some great Sikh guys have changed its whole scenario. They are performing stunts in every single Nagar Kirtan all around India.

I have been to many Nagar Kirtans in New Delhi to see the whole ceremony, but everywhere, I’ve seen Sikh Guys performing stunts and creating nonsense on the roads (see the video here also). They must remember that Nagar Kirtans are religious programmes not a Circus. Many youths start preparing for this many months ago, they get their bikes modified, increase the silencer’s sound and buy new clothes for this occasion so that they may be able to attract girls also. Is this the way to enjoy religious ceremonies ? What a Shameful act!

Hundreds of guys have died also while performing dangerous stunts. They drag the police barricades, create chaos, increase noise pollution and crime on the name of Nagar Kirtan. If they really want to make someone proud than they must do something special for country and its people.

Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee must take strict actions to prevent this circus as these guys are defaming the whole Sikh community and “Sacred Nagar Kirtans”.

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