Nov 032011

Terrorist is now a global phenomena affecting all the countries around the world especially India . Even though most of the countries are taking it seriously and in someway able to control it to some extent. But in our country the terrorist are enjoying a free ride whether it is afzal guru,the killers of Rajiv Gandhi or the Kasab.

"Terrorists Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru"

The common thing in between them is that they are enjoying more than the poor people in our country.  Huge sum of money is being spent on their food , medical facilities and basic needs on the other hand the 40 % poor people are living without food, proper medical attention and even proper housing .

One thing  is for sure our country has become a heaven for terrorist and living hell for poor people of our country. the people around the world on their visit get deeply touched by seeing this people and in our country the all mafias,big corporate, politicians are busy in feeling their on pockets and show us the hypothetical dreams of our country becoming Superpower. This is ridiculous, pathetic,unethical on part of being the citizen of this country.

Until the decision making body of our country is strong enough to take decision regardless of consequences you will see the same scenario or even the poorer becoming kasab at least they will have food , shelter and security for them.

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