Sep 102011

United States got some credible information about three persons, who intruded America, are planning a terror attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to take the revenge of Osama Bin Laden’s death. There is a red alert in whole America and it has launched manhunt for three terror suspects.

In last ten years, there hasn’t been a single terror attack on American and India has faced 32 in the same period.

The biggest reason is; After 9/11 US government has been pro-active about any suspicious activity. Its intelligence agencies have foiled many attacks with their strong determination to combat terror.

"NYPD 9/11 World Trade Center"

The story is just opposite in India. Our governments wake-up after the terror attacks although they get inputs about the possible attacks still they do nothing to foil it. We have got so many informations about the possible terror plots but we have always been busy in playing dirty politics as a result nothing done to prevent it.

Delhi High Court was targeted in this same year on May 25 although no one died. Sill security and intelligence agencies didn’t take it seriously and security wasn’t beefed up. They even didn’t install CCTV camera. It seems they were waiting for a major terror strike first in which some people died.

We have never learnt any lesson from our mistakes and all our Ministers only say the one thing “we condemn this attack”. After condemning, they forget everything again. Will our top leaders ever take the life of common man seriously ? Will India ever become pro-active about these terror activities ? Will India ever do something before the terror strikes us ?

These are the questions which need to be answered by our politicians quickly and effectively.

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  1. Really? Does India act even AFTER the attack, madam?… I disagree… If we acted, then the perpetrators of Delhi & Mumbai wouldn’t be roaming at large! And look at the audacity! They have sent 5 e-mails & still, no clue what so ever!

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