Jun 182011

Indians seem to be pretty disappointed over Government’s stand on corruption. They look to be very unhappy and angry over Congress dirty politics and tricks. Here, I’ve collected various comments of people via different news sites:

“Where is prince charming Rahul Baba?? Never heard of you after anti-corruption movement. Waiting for it to die down then your political guru DiggiDog will arrange orchestrated PR stunts of visits for vote bank politics?” – app (mumbai)

“Biggest reason why baba ramdev movement against swiss money failed ? Did any news channel broadcasted the positive happenings in favor of baba ramdev that on 12th June, Sunday Morning, Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal Badal, former Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala, Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy and spiritual leader Murari Bapu visited baba ramdev in hospital in Haridwar for lending the yoga guru their support and urged Ramdev to break his fast. Media is agent of congress.” – xyz indian (india)

“Congress is playing a bottom level of game with civil society. I m sure we will need some act like egypt or tunisia to remove currupt politician leaders and to punish them.” – ARJUN (Mumbai)

“2G, Common Wealth, Adersh, Air India, RIL Oil Scam, ONGC Oil Scam, Chidambaram Scan… Mr. Manmohan Singh continue your good work.” – S. Uthaman (Qatar)

“Where is Sonia now who proclaimed that they are determined to take corruption head on. Congress doublespeak exposed.” – Raman (Dubai)

“This is ridiculous… Government still don’t want to pass Strong bill against corruption… The World Suffers a Lot… Not Because of the Violence of Bad People, But Because of the Silence of Good People. People should speak out otherwise nothing will happen…” – Kumar (Hyd)

“This time “elected tyrants” should be forced to fast. Anna, I am sure, they will agree to civil society’s version of Lokpal Bill before sunset.” – kaka (Mumbai)

“THUGVIJAY SINGH, aka PIGVIJAY SIHGH, aka DOGVIJAY SINGH, aka…………………” – Digvijay (usa)

“Anna – we are with you ; this time with greater nos . Sab Chalo with Anna.” – Raj (New Delhi)

“Let the agitation begin….We the common man are with you Annajii.” – Renjith (Kochi)

“Good Anna…… We need people like you, and resolve like this to bring this great nation back on track.” – sverma (AU)

“Mr Diggi..Go to hell..why not govt ask country people which bill they want….why they alwyas show that they are elected by people so they can do anything..lets start voting for lokpal..and see the result…” – sudhanshu (bangalore)

“Rahul is busy arranging his swiss bank money. Don’t disturb please…..” – saikia (bangalore)

“Fellow citizens could u notice on T.V the smiling expression on Kapil Sibal’s face while talking about Lokpal bill, ACTUALLY HE IS LAUGHING ON ALL OF US & BELITTLING US.” – architk24 (mumbai)

“Congress is ready to implement the Bill which will punish the tax-evaders but when it comes to punish the corrupt they are completely tight lipped as they know if they do so then they will loose thier entire lot of so called leaders……………………………They are definetly not ready to dig their own graves……..” – # 9 D, II PHASE , PEENYA INDUSTRIAL AREA BANGALORE- 560058 (Banglaore)

“Anyone opposing Anna’s movement can be either a corrupt or if not then a big fool.” – Ashish (hyderabad)

“There MUST some way to show to Govt, that ANNA has the backing of 1.2bn people of India, and just 5000 or 7000. Ideas wanted.”

“Firstly congrats to anna hazare for intiating this active movement thanks for enlightining our brains again we will be always with u for ever and ever lets fight for the real freedom .” – Anirudh Killaru


“?? ????????? ????? ????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ?? . ?????????? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ????? ???? ??”. – ro na

“Let the state elections come and you will see a totally different face of congress who will again sing the AAM AADMI tune. The tune is specially meant for elections only and is kept under lock once the elections are over.” – Mandeep

“Looters of the country will never let pass Anna Hazare’s Patriotic ” LokPal Bill ” . congress party is all set to suck the blood of poor Indian masses its a panic. EGYPT TYPE REVOLUTION IS THE NEED OF THE HOURS.WE HAVE TO KICK OUT ALL THESE CROOKS FROM TH POWER.” – undefined (Goa)

“This is not about BJP, RSS, Congress, Shiv Sena, caste, religion, etc, etc., its about united India’s resolve to book the corrupt. When Anna says the Government is an elected tyrrant-he is not the only one who thinks that way.. God save our country..” – Mike (UAE)

“There is no person in this country who is as bold as Annaji to take up fight against corruption. people who are talking against the movement against corruption are persons who either corrupt or have a strong association with corrupt leaders.. Every genuine Indian citizen should join the fight against corruption.” – Kiruthika (chennai)

“Have never seen such useless and corrupt Congress Government. All ministers are thieves and have no love for nation. Everyone of them is trying to make money by hook or crook and they don’t want to be accountable to the public.” – undefined (Mumbai)

There were thousands of more comments but I could publish only few.

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  1. at least annaji has taken a strong stand against corruption we are wit u let the black money come back to india and fill our coffers so tat india will number one in development and growth


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