Jun 182011

Reel heroes like Amitabh, SRK, Salman etc. always remain amongst media to get highlighted, but where are they hiding now for the support of Anna Hazare Ji ?

Why don’t they come forward and join this movement like Anupam Kher Ji ? Though Anupam Kher urged them yesterday to support Anna Hazare Ji’s movement, but still there is no solid support from their side. Is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan afraid of Sonia gandhi ? SRK has friendly relation with Gandhi family so Poor Actor is giving more importance to Gandhis than India. Salman Khank looks to be in search of another girl friend perhaps.

They must understand that they are big celebrities. If they come out, there would be huge support for Anna Hazare Ji. Probably, they don’t want this or they are afraid.

I also urge that Sachin and Dhoni should come out in support openly too to strengthen this movement more.

This is the ultimate test to show that you are really Mr India. Mr Bachchan, Mr Khan you were made icons by acting in films where you singlehandedly eradicated corruption,punished the corrupt enemies of India. Come on now,you have nothing to lose. Your fans are waiting. Sachin,you are God fearing and a great patriot,you shall remain Bharat Ratna in the minds of a billion,once you show your support. Come on others also. Where is Munnabhai Gandhi,Salman,Saurabh,Rahul? Where is Sunil Gavaskar,Ravi Shastri,Kapil? Jago India!!! Jaago

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  One Response to “Why are Reel Heroes not supporting the Real Hero of India ?”

  1. All these people are related to one or other Political Party.They seems to be afraid of their parties hence that will affect their Finanial Interests as Amitabh got in U.P,Shahrukh and Salman also must be getting somewhere.Sachin and Dhoni are also Related to Sharad Pawar another politicians with roots in Undeworld and match Fixing.So all these people are worthless and it is good that people are knowing their attitude towards India.These people use media to push their movies but media should expose them and come forward to support India by other means also rather than telecasting 24X7 Anna’s movement.The media should also call debates on these types of issue on their channels

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