Sep 042011

I’ve read so many blogs related to India’s progress and development which is good. It is also being said by some intellectuals that India would be the no. 1 country in next 25 years. But, I’ve read only few blogs related to real life of Common Man of India. Being a common man myself, I’ve decided to share some ground realities which I face in day to day life.

Being Patriotic has been a curse for me: I have always loved my country, I’m big fan of our great freedom fighters like: Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandrashekhar Azad, Kartar Singh Sarabaa etc., I’ve always tried to do something for India. As a result: Society laughs at me If I talk about freedom fighters and their sacrifice.  They say, If I remain patriotic I wouldn’t be able to get more success so leave this rubbish.

Being honest has given me huge losses:
I’ve never cheated while paying taxes, bills etc. Because, I’ve always hoped that this money will make our country strong, developed and competitive.  As a result: My money has been misused by the corrupt politicians and government departments. There are still around 60% Indians below poverty line.

Faced many problems by not paying bribe: It is said ,the country which has less corruption, will be more powerful. I’ve followed this principle honestly. As a result: Police don’t listen to me and write FIR easily. MCD sends challan to me for putting my office board in front of my office. I get stuck in the traffic jams because people create mess because of their illegal shops on the road. I couldn’t get my car paper transferred easily. I can’t get any work done in Government departments.

Used my most powerful right to “Vote”, but in vain: I’ve always voted for the right candidate whom I thought suitable for my area and country. But, Good people rarely win election here because the flatterers of corrupt politicians always do work day & night for them to help them win election by distributing money, alcohol and playing dirty politics for them. As a result: There are lot of problems in our colonies, cities and country. If I go to politicians against this anarchy, they tell me they would do something, and 6 months before the election, they do little work and win again.

I can die anywhere anytime: There are just 36,000 cops securing Delhi, and out of 36,000, 40-50% cops are protecting VIPS and VVIPS. As a result: I’m always in fear while going outside, because there have been hundreds of incidents of chain snatching, robbery, murders etc. Interestingly, very few people have been arrested. Big markets of Delhi like: Karol Bagh, Lajpat Nagar, G.K., Rajouri Garden have very poor security measures, and just eagerly waiting for another terrorist attack.

Please forgive me, if I’ve hurt someone. I had to share this, because I want to say “Let’s Do Something for the Common Man of India”.

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