Aug 302011

Indian Parliament has almost planned to punish actor Om Puri and team Anna member Kiran Bedi for their defamatory remarks against MPs. Will honourable Parliament do the same thing with Manish Tewari and Sajjan Singh Verma for calling Anna “Corrupt” and “Traitor” ?

"Parliament of India"

Before the beginning of Anna’s movement, Congress MP and spokesperson Manish Tewari held a press conference and called Anna a very corrupt man. “Anna tum to upar se lekar neeche tak bhrasht ho, tum kya bhrashtachar ki baat karte ho”, Manish said.

This press conference earned Manish a lot criticism from all over India. He vanished for some days after. Then he suddenly came out and said, “I regret what I said”, but didn’t apologize.

On 15th August, another Congress MP Sajjan Singh Verma called Anna a gaddar (traitor) and deshdrohi (anti-national) in a independence day flag-hoisting programme organized by Mahila Congress at Shujalpur.

Then came the another Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi and said, “US and communal forces of India are helping Anna Hazare and his movement”.

Indian Parliament should also take action against these people for defamatory remarks against social activist Anna Hazare and hurting the sentiments of Indians. As his was the movement of “Aam Aadmi” who is fed-up with corruption ?

Honourable Parliament, will you do justice ?

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