Jan 082013

'Women Helpline Number"The helpline number connects to a shop in Ahmadabad. The Ahmadabad police claim that not many calls are received on their women’s helpline number (1091). You won’t be surprised after knowing that recently, this number used to connect to a shopkeeper in the city. This is not about only one city; in many cities helpline numbers are not functioning or out of order. It seems like women helpline are just proposals on paper to make public satisfied that we do have helpline numbers to help women. Whether it is working or out of order it is not their responsibility. Some north eastern states like Meghalaya, Manipur and Tripura have no women helpline number.

In Jharkhand, the toll free number “10921” has been out of order for more than a year now and police eve-teasing cell claims to get 15-20 calls every day. What a joke! The exclusive women helpline   number ‘1090’ has been lying defunct since long in Odisha and only a day back  the police diverted its traffic helpline number for women in crisis. How we can fight with crime against women when nothing is in order neither our government not our societies. From bottom level to top everything is disordered. Nothing will happen until and unless everyone works together for the sake of the women.

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"Khushi Singh"
Written by: Khushi Singh

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