Jul 052011

One of the biggest scams of Indian history “2G Spectrum” even benefited most dangerous enemies of this country. And, A.Raja was just the ten percent beneficiary from the loot of 2G.

According to the Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Shahid Balwa of DB Reality, who is in Jail now, is black? listed in Indian Intelligence service for its links with ISI. Despite of all this he was sold spectrum by A Raja. Dr. Swamy also said that Raja got only ten percent of the profit from the scam, Karunanidhi got 30% and Sonia Gandhi got mammoth 60% percent. Watch the video below to know more….

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  2 Responses to “2G spectrum scam had an ISI connection”

  1. The people, responsible for the 2g scam, should be hanged immediately.

  2. Even the terrorists are better than politicians as they reveal their motive openly.

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