Aug 252011

"Aamir Khan in Moustaches and Whiskers with Anna"

It was none other than Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan who advised team Anna to picket the residences of cabinet Ministers and MPs. This move added a lot of pressure on MPs and many had to support Anna’s movement in pressure.

“We should get individual attention of all the MPs and it is only possible if we directly reach at their residences”, suggested Aamir to team Anna.

The move to conduct a referendum in Amethi (Rahul Gandhi’s constituency) and Chandni Chowk (Kapil Sibal’s constituency) was seen as controversial, but suggested by Yogendra Yadav. Central government questioned its credibility and the real truth behind this.

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  3 Responses to “Aamir advised team Anna to picket residences of Ministers and MPs”

  1. Being citizen of India, he have full right and fight against CORRUPTION and we ALL INDIAN agree to this point!
    We have to start this steps again and put 100% pressure to MP’s and Ministers..
    If they are not corrupted, why they are not supporting LOKPAL BILL…?????

  2. i agree with Ameer Khan , india is so corrupt really i salute to Anna Hazare who is doing a lot for us

  3. Yes , you are right. We have to collectively fight to remove corruption from the roots.. Government is following the footsteps of British who played the “Divide and Rule” policy before Independence. Onetime the government targets saying its only a middle class people who are in protest .. and sometime they target saying its religious conspiracy… and another time say civil society does it represent of 120 crore people….

    Yes you are very much right. Now is the time for action. To whatever extent the government is tries to apply makeup for this protest, we the people should not breakup to the government’s words.

    Today’s government’s stands clearly show that they are corrupt and that is why they are not passing the LOKPAL BILL.. Let us join together in this Second War of Independence in cleaning the country….

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