Nov 112011

Pakistan interior Minister Rehman Malik on Thursday said the proposed visit of judicial commission to India will help quicken the trial of 26/11 accused in his country. He is demanding  death for terrorist Ajmal Kasab.

“Ajmal Kasab is a terrorist. He is a non-state actor. He should go to gallows,” Malik told Indian journalists here as Prime Ministers of the two countries were meeting to review bilateral ties.

Malik said that Pakistan government was awaiting a visit of the judicial commission to India and get some evidence that will help in prosecuting the accused in his country if we have “credible evidence.”

It is a big shame for India as Pakistan has now started giving us suggestions. Why are not India giving death sentence to Kasab now? What are they waiting for? We are just wasting our money on terrorist like Kasab. He is costing us around Rs 7.5 lakh per day. There are still millions of people going hungry everyday. Government should help those people rather than wasting money and time on Kasab.

What was the use of catching him? As he is enjoying his life in jail and eating biryani and having luxurious life here.

Government should take positive from this and should give death sentence to Kasab as soon as possible, if they want to solve other important issues as there are many.


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