Aug 212011

"Aruna Roy Social Activist"Aruna Roy is an Indian political and social activist who is also a member of  National Advisory Council which is headed by Sonia Gandhi. Although Aruna Roy as worked very hard for RTI act to be tabled in Parliament still this time her timing obviously raises suspicion.

Aruna Roy and her team are not agree with some points over Janlokpal bill but that’s not the issue. Anyone can have different opinions. This issues is where were they earlier ? They could have met Anna Hazare when he started writing letters to PM and Sonia Gandhi about introducing strong anti-corruption bill.

Aruna Roy should have met Anna Hazare and told about their version, but from nowhere she came before media and suddenly gave her own version which will only divide people. I wonder if there is any politics being played.

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  One Response to “Aruna Roy’s timing for presenting her own Lokpal raises suspicion”

  1. some NGOs have become a source of huge money,power and influence.this development proves it beyond doubt that people like aruna roy and harsh mander are as good as pet dogs who start barking as and when directed by the Master or the Mistress. After all they are members of the obnoxious National Advisory Council.

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