Nov 142011

Walking up to the misty morning and sipping pipping hot coffee may be the flavour of the month. But air passengers are having a tough time. For the third time this season, flights taking off from Bengaluru International Airport were delayed as visibility was low due to fog.

Coldest November in two years Bangalore city recorded a minimum of 17.2 degrees Celsius on Saturday. But on November 9, the mercury plunged to 15.2 degrees. With this, the 2011 winter has already turned colder than 2010 and 2009.

It’s the winds blowing from northerly and westerly systems that are bringing cold air. With humidity also going down, it’s all set for dip further.

Other cities shiver too but Bangalore is comparatively better than other places in the state.

The people of Bangalore were quite shocked due to sudden change in temperature.


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