Nov 242011

Tajjinder Singh Bagga, the president of youth organisation Bhagat Singh Kranti sena, today on Facebook announced 11000 cash award to Harvinder Singh who slapped Sharad Pawar this afternoon. In his Facebook profile, Bagga wrote “Sharad Pawar ko thapar maarne waale Harvinder singh ko 11,000 ka nagad inaam degi Bhagat singh kranti sena”

Bhagat Singh Kranthi Sena had earlier made violent protest against Arundathi Roy and Syed Geeelani for anti national seminars. They were the ones who attacked Prashanth Bhushan for his comments on Kashmir. In his facebook profile Bagga also warns about PFI, an islamist organisation,

All cases & news related to Popular Front of India(PFI) urgent mail me at itz so much important & urgent.Popular Front of India(PFI) going to do 2 days rally in Delhi on 26 & 27. Today we are giving letter to home minister,stop this rally or we will stop this.

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  3 Responses to “Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena to honour Harvinder singh who slapped Sharad Pawar”

  1. yes, we shall not be agitated, but if people will not found any solution on corruption, price hike and black money than only solution as Mr BAGGA has expressed and there is no surprise some worst will be happen with these corrupt politician who are 100% lying and blaming the issues against the innocent people to protect themselves.

    Mr BAGGA is one one today but tomorrow may be 1000 like this as the situation is turning due these CORRUPT POLITICIAL who are annable to provide any solution to society and enjoying with their tax money.

  2. If you people can do some thing then,come to kerala @ mullaperiya dam (Idukki) and save 35lack human beings.It’s a request,we are doing a lot to save them,the damn politicians………………
    Please help us or if cant then Pray for those who living still there facing there own death.
    If the dam breaks then 3 district will be under water and those who are still living there(35Lacks) will be history.

    Bharat Matha Ki Jai



  3. singh is a kingh

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