Apr 182012

The manner in which UPA govt has been targeting Chief of army staff,General V K Singh for the past few months,is highly deplorable. BSKS is of the opinion that General V K Singh is being targeted,by the Govt. and vested interests,because his honesty, upright stand and patriotism stands in the way of the corrupt and unscrupulous elements.

Attempts are being made to malign by raking up falsified issues like his age row,
bugging of defense ministry and attempted coup. A certain section of media has been roped in by the Govt to spread such miss-information.
However,every malicious attempt tried by this Govt to defame General VK Singh has fallen flat…In the eyes of crores of patriotic Indians,he is a hero,crusading to weed out the rot set in the army and defense ministry.

BSKS has decided to launch a nation-wide stir against these attempts to malign and victimize the army chief,and bring forth the truth about the nexus that exists between the corrupt govt and the arms dealers,before the entire nation.

To further this cause,we have launched a website
http://www.supportgenvksingh.com/ ,which will become fully operational in a couple of days. A signatory campaign will be run in support of General V K Singh worldwide.

We are observing a ”Support General V K Singh week”from 3rd May to 9th May. During this week, students of all colleges and universities in Delhi/NCR will be contacted by BSKS to apprise them of the facts and literature as well as one lakh badges will be distributed,bearing pic of General V K Singh and appeal,’Support General V K Singh”. A signature campaign in support of General VKS will also be carried outand the signatures then sent to the President Smt Pratibha Patil.
Other activiies to be launched will be conveyed in future though our website
http://www.supportgenvksingh.com/ .
Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga

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