Oct 142011

"Narendra Modi Gujarat CM"

“The central government spends crores of rupees for importing the ink. Why we can not use ink produced in the country?” Modi asked.

“The central government imports the ink for printing Indian currency notes, whereas the ink produced in India is exported and used in printing of currency notes in other countries.”

“It is wrong to treat the investments in environmental  aspect as a dead investment,” Modi said. He also said that Gujarat government had decided to
promote manufacturing industry which gives high-end value addition.

For the chemical and petro-chemical sector, the state has decided to establish 25 centres of excellences on public-private partnership model. Around 300 top chemical industry players participated in the event. Gujarat has the largest chemical industry in the country.

He further added, “Government should save such a huge amount of money and start using Indian ink for our own currency.” – PTI

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