Nov 192011

Forget Iraq & Afghanistan  ,  Its time to move to new arena  where the two Asian Giant have triggered strong words  in the past few months on South China sea issue .   India in Bali  told China that it would continue its oil and gas explorations in the South China Sea .  India asserted that the oil and gas work that ONGC Videsh is according to the international law and everybody has the right to explore there .

The PM told Wen that “issues of sovereignty” should be resolved “in consistence with international law and practice .     The two countries avoided a direct confrontation on the issue of China’s territorial claims on the South China Sea, saying they would abide by “international law” — even though the two countries clearly have different interpretations of that.

As china  standing alone in this dispute is now looking for other options to remain the Big brother in Asia .

I t now has decided to attack the ships with its high speed fishing vessel  . Well this strategy has been used against the Japanese ships and they have success ed .  Well you check in this video how Chinese fishing vessels is attacking the Japanese ships to keep away them from disputed islands

The Chinese think tank is now looking for the same strategy against India because it will be difficult for India to attack the vessels . Since any move by India could escalates Tension between the Two Asian gaints .

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