Nov 182011

Addressing a gathering in Dehradun, Advani said: “Dynastic politics as one of the major reasons for what he called ‘the ruin of the Congress-led Central Government’.”

He also stated that Democracy and nepotism cannot go hand in hand. I believe that it is a major reason behind the deplorable condition today of the central government, apart from graft.

“In the Planning Commission and the Finance Ministry of today, there are very learned people. There are no circumstances that can justify their failure to control inflation, year after year, which has reduced the common man to the pitiable state he is in today,” he added.

“My tour shall conclude on the November 20, and in the Winter Session of Parliament that starts on the 22nd, the BJP will devote special attention on ways and means to get back Indian money illicitly stashed in banks abroad,” he asserted.

As per reports, an estimated 500 billion dollars to 1.4 trillion dollars of unaccounted money has been deposited secretly in overseas banks by wealthy Indians and corporate bodies.

Earlier, in February 2011, legal notices were served to 17 persons in connection with foreign bank holdings, but international agreements and legal hurdles barred the government from revealing the identities of the persons named. (ANI)

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